Tell svn client to use a proxy-server

If you have or your server has to use a proxy server to access the internet you may have problems with your svn client although you aready set your http_proxy environment variable(s).

The solution to tell svn to use a proxy server is editing the ~/.subversion/servers file in your home directory and add the following lines or uncomment them, if they are already written into it:

# http-proxy-exceptions = *,
http-proxy-host = my.proxy.server
http-proxy-port = 8080
# http-proxy-username = defaultusername
# http-proxy-password = defaultpassword
# http-compression = no
# http-auth-types = basic;digest;negotiate
# No http-timeout, so just use the builtin default.
# No neon-debug-mask, so neon debugging is disabled.
# ssl-authority-files = /path/to/CAcert.pem;/path/to/CAcert2.pem


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